Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cost of camp a different price if my child does not attend the whole week?
Can I apply for Financial Assistance for Camp Impact?
What is the Refund Policy?
What do I do if my child becomes ill before camp?
Where do I drop off my camper on Monday morning?
What do I do in order to pick up my child early?
What do I do if my child has special needs?
What should my child wear to camp?
What should my child bring to camp?
What time does camp begin/end?
Are early and late childcare hours offered?
My family is interested in participating in other programs offered by Impact Church. How do we get involved?
What time is Impact Church's service?
Can I attend some of my child’s camp activities during the day?
My family does not attend Impact Church; can we attend your camp?
How do you hire your staff members?
What’s the spiritual emphasis of Camp Impact?